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Tiddlers Run 2016

We had 6 bikes on the run ranging from 50cc to 250cc and from 1939 to 1980.   A good selection of British and Japanese.

Warwickshire, Midlands and Banbury Sections were represented.   Three people had to cry off at the last minute, mainly for health reasons.

The first part of the run to the lunch stop was good with several people commenting on the wonderful display of bluebells in the woods near Loxley.

The lunch stop at the Four Alls went reasonably well with menu choices of £4, £6, £8, £10 and £14.   The only problem was that the manager Geoff had left the week before (he phoned me to let me know) and Leonie had been left in charge by her boss Martin.   With the brilliant weather the pub was mobbed and there were long queues for everything.   They appeared to be quite short staffed.   With those who came by car we had 11 for lunch and an area in the pub had been set aside for us.


David from Banbury elected to complete the run by the return route but the remainder decided to return using their own routes.

Generally it was a good day for everyone with brilliant weather and good company.

Our thanks go to John Heywood for organising the run and Frank Parker for the photos. Thanks also go to the Four Alls for their hospitality.







Warwickshire Section of the VMCC