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Pioneer Run 2016

The Pioneer Run is not a VMCC event but as two members of our section successfully took part, Mike Wills on the Dreadnought as seen far left of the photo at the start and Richard Woodcock who's report is below we think they deserve a mention

The Rex is a 1913 896cc 6hp Vee Twin, one of only eleven known to exist. It was campaigned in  The Coventry to Birmingham Veteran Motorcycle Run in 1957 and in the 1954,1957 and 1958 Banbury Runs by Robert Scarsbrooke having found it in a warehouse mill in Wheatley St, Coventry just after WW11. As far as we can tell it has never left the Coventry area. It used to sport a genuine Rex sidette sidecar, but Robert took it off  during the 1957 Banbury Run on Sunrising hill and threw it away !Robert Scarbrooke
In 1958, Robert successfully applied for the Sunbeam Motorcycle Club Pioneer Certificate, however he took the Bike off the road that year without entering the event and dismantled it.

I bought it on 9th March 1989, in a 'thousand pieces' and retrieved the original registration OE 5118 from DVLA and the Pioneer Registry from the Sunbeam Motorcycle Club.  Restoration was slow and the bike not completed until its Centenary Year. I entered it in the 2013 Pioneer Run, but this was cancelled due to snow. In 2014 I rode it in The Pioneer Run for the first time, but the ROC rear hub seized after just 10 miles. In 2015 it was entered in the Pioneer, however did not make the start due to a seized big end bearing.

Mike Wills at the Start

It has completed further Banbury Runs, and Coventry Parades in recent years.Richard Woodcock at Brighton

Finally in 2016, The Rex completed the Pioneer Run, 58 years after first gaining 'Pioneer status' suffering only from an overheating rear brake drum, and was awarded the Ray Newton Trophy for the'Best Vee Twin' - a tremendous accolade considering the status of this premier event.Richard Woocock celibrating at Brighton

Robert Scarsbrooke, now almost 90 years old was truly delighted , as was I !!!! 

Warwickshire Section of the VMCC