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Kenilworth Run 2016.

18 riders took part in the Kenilworth Run held on Sunday 5th June 2016. The motorcycles ranged in age from David Payne's 1912 Triumph to Ron Robinson's 1981 Suzuki.

The run took us past Kenilworth Castle to Balsall Common and almost to Packwood House, where a road closure due to a fun run brought a quick change to the planned route. Unfortunately David Payne failed to make it beyond Kenilworth on his Triumph due to a burst tyre but was safely transported back home in Malcolm Griffin's van.

By the time everyone reached the final destination; the Falcon Inn at Hatton, the sun was shining and all was well!

Our thanks got to Malcolm Griffin and Judith Coote for organising the event and the Falcon Inn for their hospitality.





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