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The Breakfast Run 12 June 2016.

I awoke at 5.00 am with flu symptoms, when I went to get the bike out I felt so weak I decided it was not a good idea and as I was the one organising the event and therefore had to hand out the route sheets I decided to go in the car.

Following a week of inclement weather the weatherman said that we should not expect rain until around 11.00am, when I got to the start it was overcast but the clouds looked high in the sky, I knew of a number of members who could not attend but was still rather surprised by the low turnout, 8 bikes and riders signed on from Derek Morris on his 1928 Matchless to Phil Roberts on his 1980 250cc Suzuki. I set them off at 7.00am and waited ten minutes to see if there were any latecomers before I set off.

The weatherman had lied because about six miles into the run it started raining, around eighteen miles into the run I came across Phil Roberts and father Martyn at the side of the road, the side panel and clutch cover had come off Phil’s bike so I put them in the car and carried on.

Another eight miles on I came across Alan Bailey but he had only stopped to put his waterproofs on, to save him strapping the bag he had his waterproofs in back on the bike in the rain, which by now was quite heavy, I put those in the car along with the Suzuki side panels. I caught up with Alan just before the Three Horse Shoes at Princethorpe where we were having breakfast, as I drove into the carpark I noticed an extra bike lined up with the others, Dave Kendall had got held up on the way to the start when he went to get petrol and got to the start just after I had left so in the end ten of us sat down to a hearty breakfast.

Report and photos by Harry Wiles.
Our thanks got to Ann and Geoff at the Three Horse Shoes for their hospitality and excellent breakfast.







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