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Chairman’s Social 15th July 2015
After days of rain the morning started off wet but throughout the day the clouds cleared and by the time I left home at 6.00pm to go to the Blue Lias at Long Itchington for my social evening, which is a get together where we put our bikes on display and a buffet is on offer, the sun was shining, no route is provided members find their own way there.

Bikes started to arrive in numbers around 7.00 until we had 25 members bikes and Richard Woodcock’s Morgan on display, a good turnout was swelled by fifteen to twenty visitors.

Last year riders coming from the Coventry area had a problem getting there due to a bad accident between two cars which closed the road from Long Itchington village so they had to make a detour, this year it was riders coming from the opposite direction as a, despite notices prohibiting heavy goods vehicles from crossing the bridge at Hunningham one had tried and got stuck on the bridge completely blocking it so yet again a long detour had to be made.

The bikes on display ranged from Simon Dudfields 1927 AJS to a 1983 Yamaha, who’s riders name I could not decipher on the signing on sheet, with a total of six pre 31 bikes and just about everything in between, the weather held out with warm sunshine all evening so a good evening was had by all with the usual good buffet to enjoy.

Report and Photos by Harry Wiles.
Our thanks go to Brian and Margaret and the staff at the Blue Lias for their hospitality and a tasty buffet.





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