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Boxing Day Run 2014.

We awoke to an icy overcast morning with the weather man forecasting snow later in the day so we donned our thermals, padded coats, hats and scarves and set off for the start of the Boxing Day Run in the 1934 BSA TW35 three wheelerThe BSA at the start..

We arrived at the start in Kenilworth with 18 miles on the clock, we were first there and feeling rather chilly, our route setter and run organiser, Bob Taylor, was not there as he was visiting family down south so left the route sheets and signing on forms in the capable hands of Ken Bromley. It was not long before the bikes started to turn up, on signing the sheet we were given a route card that took us up Sunrising and over the Burton Dassett Hills totalling 39 miles, there was an alternative route of 26 miles, as snow was forecast and I did not want to put the hood up and get it wet we chose to do the short route, as did most of the others, there were seven bikes and our trike in total, three intrepid riders, two with wives on the pillion, decided to do the long route, Fran was the only other passenger in the trike.The BSA outside Long Itchington Church.


We were the first to arrive at the finish, the Green Man Long Itchington, shortly after the three bikes that took the short route arrived with Ted Robinson turning up immediately after, Ted had come straight to the pub from home. Next to arrive by car was Dave Mac followed shortly afterwards by the three bikes that had taken the long route. We all adjourned to the pub for a welcoming bowl of hot soup, hot pasties and sandwiches. We left the pub and headed home, I had just got the trike in the garage when the rain started, this quickly turned to snow which came down quite heavily.

The lads that took the short route.

Our thanks got to Bob Taylor for organising the event, Ken Bromley for standing in at the start and our hosts at the Green Man, Mark and Sharon for their hospitality.

All the bikes at the finish.
Report by Harry Wiles.








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