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The Bill Lacey Run 3 August 2014.

On a lovely sunny morning I arrived to sign riders on and give them their route card, 17 members turned up with one non-member signing on for the day, bikes ranged from two vintage, ridden by Derek Morris and Alan Jones through to a fairly modern Motto Guzzi ridden by Maurice Taylor. I was unable to go on the run so I had to head home when they had all left, just as the last few bikes went to set off Alan Bailey could not start his Ariel, it was completely dead, Alan had recently treated it to new plugs but fortunately had put the old ones in the tool box, with the plugs swapped over the bike started first kick and started easily for the rest of the day. Alan Jones benefited from the delay as he turned up late and would have missed us had everyone set off on time.Bikes and riders at the start  
Frank Parker sent me this report. Rikki, Derek and myself set off about 10-20 on the Bill Lacy Run which proved to be a great run along lovely country lanes blessed with the sun. We did manage to get stuck behind a hay wagon for a little while but this is part of the fun. We arrived at Evenly about 11-30 parked up and sat on the green and ate our snacks, we did comment that there didn't seem so many bikes there as other years but there was still a good mix. On our way home we stopped off for an ice cream on top of the Burton Dasset Hills so ended another great day out. Thanks go to our navigator Derek.Bikes around the green at Evenley


Our thanks go to Harry Wiles for the report, Fran Wiles for the excellent route and Frank Parker for the Photos and his contribution to the report.





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