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A welcome break in the recent snow saw 23 riders sign on at the Kenilworth start, plus a few supporters who followed the run on newer machines. The oldest bike was David Payne’s beautiful 1912 Triumph which went on to complete the run successfully. The 1920s were represented by Derek Morris’s Matchless T4 and Alan Bailey’s black Ariel and so on through the decades to bikes from the 70s and 80s. The most popular marque for this run was Triumph, with six examples including Bob Wisdom’s lovely silver TRW in trials trim.

Above David Kendal signing on with Martyn Roberts and bikes and riders at the start and finish. There is a 20 second repeat on the slideshow.
The route led out to the northwest, through the lanes to Chadwick End, turning back towards Fen End and Temple Balsall, then Berkswell and Meriden. Between Meriden and Over Whitacre there were still snow drifts lining the roadside, instead of the daffodils we saw last year.  After the sweeping B-road through Nether Whitacre, the riders turned back into the lanes to reach Baxterley, passing the site of the Midland Section’s “Wings and Wheels” venue, then completed a loop around the extensive woodlands of the Merevale estate to reach the finish at the Horse and Jockey near Atherstone.Bikes on route

A welcoming fire was burning in the lounge and the riders did their best to fill the pub – some in the dining room, some in the lounge and others in the public bar. Everybody appeared to have completed the run without mishap and the general verdict was that the weather had been kind to the Spring Run once again – several riders having ridden in just “jacket and jeans”. Let’s hope we are as fortunate with the rest of the season.


Simon Duffield making out our treasurer supplied the meat

Our thanks go to Martyn Roberts for organising the run and sending in the report, Martyn and Alan Bailey for the photos and our hosts at the Horse and Jockey especially for the roaring fire.






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