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Social Run to the Friendly Inn at Frankton.

Following a few days of reasonable weather the rain returned for the weekend, early on Sunday 12th May it was not actually raining so we set off in hazy sunshine. Our social gathering is a get together at the pub with everyone finding their own way there following a route as long or as short as they choose.Bikes lined up with the 1928 Ariel in the foreground.

We had a good turnout of around 25 bikes ranging from Harry Wiles on his very original 1928 Model B Ariel to late eighties machinery with half a dozen pillion pasengers. Frank Parker brought out his rare Sun for the first time following years of painstaking rebuild as the bike was in a sorry state when he bought it.Bikes from another angle

The locals and regulars at the pub greeted us with enthusiasm even though we took up half of the car park. Most of us went in for an early lunch as the weather forecast was not good, just as we had finished eating the rain started so we all decided it was time to head home before the impending storm.Frank Parker's Sun stands between a Norton and a Scott
Our thanks go to Frank Parker for organising the day, our hosts Nigel and Deb were on holiday so our thanks go to the staff at the Friendly who looked after us very well.




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