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Race Retro

Seven machines graced the Section stand at this year’s Race Retro at Stoneleigh: David Payne’s two beautiful Triumphs, a 1912 Free Engine, better known a the Hub Clutch model, and a 1915 Baby (or Junior model), Alan Bailey’s 1928 Model E Ariel, Tony Hart’s 1953 BSA B31, Barrie Hall’s 1956 Triumph T100, Alan’s 1959 Ariel Huntmaster, and Simon Dudfield’s 1960 triumph Speed Twin.David Payne talking to a visitor to the stand

There was a good flow of visitors, with centre of attraction being the two old Triumphs, with David being in almost constant demand to explain their intricate workings, and Simon ably standing in whenever David needed a break.L to R Pete Tupman, Frank Parker and Bill Wise Taking a break.  

The usual racing machine ‘Fire Up’ didn’t materialise, the weather being too cold to risk starting up expensive racing engines and only running them for a few minutes – a pity as the last two years’ demonstrations were certainly impressive.The Stand

The Section stand was close to the platform where celebrities were being interviewed, the most notable being Sir Stirling Moss and Murray Walker.Sir Stirling Moss & Murray Walker

Thanks go to Dave Kendall for organising the stand.







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