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The Breakfast Run 9th June 2013.

Following a week of reasonable weather, which saw our Kenilworth run bathed in sunshine, just the week before the day dawned cloudy and cold, I got the 29 Sunbeam out and unusually it took four or five prods on the kick start to get it running, Fran jumped on the back and away we went, 300 yards up the road the bike coughed and sputtered and came to a halt, I guessed it was fuel starvation which was proven when I got home and took the float chamber off.Ted Robinson checks his route card with other machines and riders in the background.

With us organising the event and carrying the signing on sheet and route cards I did not have time to fiddle with it there and then so pushed it back to the garage and jumped in the car because I do not have a bike fast enough to get us the 20 plus miles to the start so we could sign riders on in time.The three vintage bikes cooling down at the café.

We meet at 6.00am for a 6.30 start and we just got there before most of the riders. Eleven bikes turned out ranging from Alan Bailey’s 1928 Ariel to Rob Payne’s 1972 Suzuki  with two other vintage machines as well, had I made it on mine there would have been 12 machines with a quarter of them being vintage.A line up of bikes at the café.

The route took us through Warwickshire into Northamptonshire and back into Warwickshire riding along quiet A and B roads through the villages of Barford, Gaydon, Woodford Halse and Willoughby finishing at the Willoughby Café on the A45 where everyone tucked into a hearty breakfast to warm themselves up before the ride home. Riders eagerly await breakfast.

Our thanks go to Harry and Fran Wiles, Harry for organising the event and Fran for the doing Route, thanks also go the staff at the Willoughby Café.





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