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Coventry Festival of motoring 24/25th August 2013.

In years gone by and for many years we used to show bikes at the Town and Country Festival at Stoneleigh Park, the home of the Royal Show, sadly when the Royal Show ceased to exist the Town and Country Festival went the same way.

A few years ago a company tried to resurrect the show but it only lasted about three years, this was a three day show over the bank holiday with entertainment for all ages and families would flock to it. It is a pity it ended because we used to get over forty bikes in attendance each day and we had our own arena that we used to ride the bikes round twice a day so the public could see them in action.

Last year the Coventry Transport Museum started the Coventry Festival of Motoring at Stoneleigh this being a two day event with a ride out on the Sunday to replace the old Shakespeare Run.

We were invited to attend this year unfortunately most of the people who used to attend the old Town and Country have moved on to other things over the bank holiday weekend however we did get seven bikes there, we would have had more only the weather forecast was for heavy rain so some did not turn up. The bikes ranged from 1928 to the fifties with over half being true vintage.

As you can see from the photos the weather was not good although fortunately we did not get the heavy rain that was forecast because we had no shelter on the stand, in fact we should have been on the grass opposite which would have been even worse, you can also see from the photos that there was plenty of interest for the steam enthusiasts.

Our thanks go to Dave Kendall for organising the weekend and Alan Bailey for the photos. 






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