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Spring Run

The clear blue skies brought a record turnout for this year’s Spring Run, with 39 riders signing on and several others following on modern bikes.

We had support from the Midland, Northampton and North Birmingham sections with bikes of every decade from Derek Morris’s lovely 1928 Matchless, Roland Robinson’s 1934 Square four, right up to the 25-year cut-off. Oldest machine of all was Colin Scott’s amazing 1914 Morgan 3-wheeler.

This made for a rich mixture of sounds as singles, twins, triples and fours pulled away at the start – nobody in Kenilworth was sleeping in on this Sunday morning!

Breaking with past form, the route went northwards, past Crackley Woods, and through Burton Green to Berkswell and Meriden. Turning left just before Fillongley, we meandered through the lanes, emerging near Furnace End for the twisty B4098 past Nether Whitacre.

After Hurley the route took riders through Baxterley then the spectacular view from the top of Merevale Lane where the road suddenly drops away to reveal distant views northeastwards across Leicestershire.

Following a loop around Pinwall and Witherley to Atterton, riders turned south to Fenny Drayton where poor Denis Buxcey’s Bantam was having a sulk but he managed to get it going and reach the finish.

After crossing the A5, the final leg was mostly uphill through several miles of woodland, emerging near Atherstone golf course and on to the Horse and Jockey where the sun was still shining brightly as people swapped numerous tales in the car park. Nobody was in too much of a hurry to leave – especially the immaculate girder fork Triumph that steadfastly refused to fire despite much pushing up and down the car park.

It was very rewarding to see such a big turnout and especially good to see a number of new and recently joined members – I hope they decide to come on many more events in future.

Our thanks go to Martyn Roberts for organising a good run and to our hosts at the Horse and Jockey. The pictures were taken of bikes and riders at the start.

Martyn Roberts



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