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Mickand Franks Social 2012

Having had some very cold and wet weather since our social event at the Friendly Inn just a few weeks earlier we feared the worse for Mick and Frank’s Social, right up until the day before the weather was poor, fortunately Tuesday 22nd May turned out to be the hottest for some time.

On a warm balmy evening we might have  expect a few more bikes to turn out but I guess 20 machines and a number of pillion passengers has to be pleasing, maybe it was the poor weather running up to the event that put the others off.


  We would like to thank those who did turn out giving the locals a display of bikes ranging from the twenties to the nineties. We had a very good social evening with everyone enjoying themselves, mainly out in the car park thanks to the weather.


Our thanks go to the Bishops Tachbrook Sports and Social Club for hosting the event, also Mick and Julia and Frank and Helen for organising it and putting on the buffet.



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