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Social Run to the Friendly Inn at Frankton.

Following weeks of torrential rain and flooded roads the weekend turned out fine with Sunday 13th May being warm and dry. We were very lucky as the rains returned on the Monday.Car Park


Our social gathering is a get together at the pub with everyone finding their own way there following a route as long or as short as they choose and what a gathering we had, there was a good turnout of bikes with a huge range of machines the stand out ones being Dave Sketckley’s Hesketh which had just over 3,000 miles on the clock from new and Mick Jaggard’s Zundap.


Also in attendance were many family members including children and grandchildren which made it a real family day out. The locals enjoyed looking at the bikes and were very patient with us as we had taken up a large part of the car park.



Our thanks go to Frank Parker for organising the day, our hosts Nigel and Deb and the staff at the Friendly who served us up with a superb Sunday Roast.  




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