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The Chairman’s Social 18th July 2012.
Not surprisingly we awoke to yet another wet day in this wonderful summer of ours so we feared the worse for the evening, having ordered enough food to cater for about 40 people Fran and I thought we were going to have to eat for England as we only expected around half the usual amount of people to turn out.
A Rainbow after the storm

Late on in the afternoon the rain stopped and the sun came out, we set off for the Blue Lias early in the evening managing to get there in the dry. Shortly after we arrived the clouds started to build followed by thunder and lightning then the heavens opened, by this time we had only got about ten bikes on display fortunately the rain stopped the sun came out and we were greeted by a rainbow.Richard woodcock’s Humberette next to John Lycett’s BSA three wheeler.

Following the rain we were pleased to see more bikes arriving, most had missed the rain but a few got caught in the downpour. By the time the buffet was ready we had thirty four bikes ranging from a 1903 Humberette that Richard Woodcock had borrowed from a friend to 1980’s machines on display, in addition we had a number of pillion passengers and a few members that had turned up in cars.More arrive after the storm.


As the weather was unpredictable we ordered the food early so people could set off home if it rained, as it was we need not have worried as the rain stayed away and we ended up with a sunny evening that everyone enjoyed, and who wouldn’t as they have been few and far between this year. An impressive line up of machines. 

Our thanks got to Brian and his staff at the Blue Lias for their hospitality and a good buffet, and to all that turned out on the night.
Harry and Fran Wiles




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