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The Breakfast Run 10th June 2012
Following a week of torrential rain we awoke at 4.30am to a bright sunny morning, it was not until we got out on the bike for the 20 mile or so ride to the start that we realised just how cold it was.

Riders at the start

It was pleasing to see 21 bikes turn up at the start, Dave Sketchley did not fail to surprise us again, after a couple of events turning up on a Hesketh he rolled out a Rotary Suzuki , we had one guest  rider who was signed on as a one day member.

Dave Sketchley’s Rotary Suzuki

There were 3 pillion passengers including the young son of one of our members, there should have been 4 but unfortunately Rob Payne had a malfunction with the bike he started out on and had to return home and swop it for a bike his wife was notable get on, she, along with another wife did meet us at the finish though.Bikes at the Finish


The 50 mile route took us through Warwickshire and Northamptonshire on both minor and major roads taking in Sunrising hill.  It is amazing the wild life you see that time in the morning, this does not include the revellers that we encountered making their way home from a party when we were on our way to the start.

Riders and passengers enjoying a hearty breakfast.

There were Buzzards in abundance soaring on the early morning thermals, a monk jack deer almost to played dodgems with us but decided at the last minute to take to the hedgerow, we encountered four runaway horses on the road into Gaydon but the best of all was kept until just before the end when a barn owl, that despite an ES2 Norton thundering towards it, took no notice keeping eyes and ears firmly fixed on it’s prey swooping down into the grass and popping back out moments later with a mouse firmly gripped in it’s talons. 
Our thanks go to my wife, Fran Wiles for a superb route and our hosts at the Willoughby Café where we stopped for breakfast.





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