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The Social Meet at the Friendly Inn at Frankton on 8th May 2011.

After weeks of dry weather with wall to wall sunshine the weekend started with rain all day on the Saturday, Sunday, the day of the event, started with heavy rain showers so wherever we set out from everybody went through at least one wet spell.

Bikes in the car park.

The event is just a get together at the Friendly Inn at Frankton and it is up to each individual as to the route they take, some go straight there and others take a detour and make a longer run of it.Taking a relaxed approach.


By the time we got to the pub the weather had started to brighten up so we were able to stay outside. As you can see from the photos it is a laid back affair just looking at bikes and chatting, there is an option to have Sunday lunch which comes highly recommended.Bill Wise Chats to Roland Robinson


After an hour or two we start to make our way home, by the time we left the sun had come out and we were able to get home in the dry.

Our thanks go to Frank Parker for arranging the event and our hosts at the Friendly Inn, Nigel and Deb.







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