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The Breakfast Run 12th June 2011.

On a freezing cold but bright morning seventeen bikes their riders and three hardy lady pillion passengers assembled at 6.00am in the lay –by on the A429 just off the M40 island for our breakfast run, all complaining of numb fingers, the weather forecasters got that bit right.

Bikes and riders at the start.

Just before 6.30 the main bunch set off with Fran and I hanging on for any stragglers, Peter Mahoney came dashing in just as we were getting ready to set off, he had experienced problems starting his bike, Peter duly signed on and went on his way, we got our gear on and set off a little while later for the 55 mile route which took us down to Kineton then on through Oxhill, Cropredy, and Napton,  avoiding as many other villages as we could on the way being so early in the morning, finishing at The Willoughby Café for a nice hot breakfast.

Bikes outside the café

Fran and I ran into rain about 15 miles into the route which stayed with us until about a mile from the end, on entering the café we found all the other riders relatively dry, starting off that short time ahead of us they only encountered light showers.

Riders and passengers enjoying their breakfast.

By the time we had all eaten breakfast it was raining quite hard despite the weather forecasters saying the rain would not reach us until after lunch. Despite the weather everyone said what a wonderful ride they had, enjoying nice scenery and good country lanes, bumps and all.

Harry and Fran enjoying a well earned breakfast.

Our thanks go to Fran Wiles for a superb route and the staff at the Willoughby Café for their hospitality.     





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