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VMCC Warwickshire
Report on the Rugby Bikefest ride-in, May 2022

On a cool dry Sunday morning 15 riders met in the square in the centre of Dunchurch, just south of Rugby. After admiring one another's bikes including 2 from the 1920’s! We set off at a leisurely pace with the intention of getting parked up in time to watch the bikes on the main ride in. I think we created a bit of interest as we rode along suburban roads and past the road closure barriers and marshals. Our allotted plot was in the same area as last time opposite ‘The Squirrel’.
After a bit of trial and error we parked in an orderly manner just before the Triumph owners arrived. They had the plot next to us. Then right on cue the hundreds of bikes on the main ride in from the A5 Truckstop came noisily past and parked up mainly along the road side to get the event properly underway.












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