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Chairman’s chat.

First day back.

The main topic of conversation at the Farmers Fayre on a Chilly and blustery Sunday morning was people starting their old Motorcycle after a long Winter sleep. My own Norton ES2 needed several swings on the kick start lever and a few floods of the Mono block carburetor before eventually chuffing into life.  To some the blame was on the stale petrol left in their tank, and others not enough petrol left in the tank. However it didn’t really matter because 16 bikes and 22 members braved the typical March weather for a meet up at the Farmers Fayre Cafe at Stoneleigh Show ground. I hope you and your machine enjoyed blowing the cobwebs away on your Sunday morning ride, I even stopped on the way home to replenish my tank with fresh 2022 petroleum, and after getting home warmed my self up with a mug of strong Tea.
Here’s to the next one...!

David Kendall




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