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2021 Coventry Parade

This years Coventry parade, our annual premier Warwickshire Section event, was never going to be the same as it in ‘normal’ years. It usually comprises a static rural gathering followed by a run, lunch and then back to the starting place for prize givings. This year was it a more informal event whereby club members started out from from Coventry’s War Memorial park on a route, and starting time of their own choosing, to Banbury and from there up the Oxford road to the well known bike meeting place the Long Itch diner converted from a roadside petrol filling station.                                                    When I arrived at the Memorial Park in showery weather I was met by one of the organisers Geoff Booth – the other one, Rob. Thomas, had been ‘pinged’ and so was not able to participate. Shortly after I arrived in rode the section chairman Dave Kendall on his 1939 Cotton.                                                                                                                          I tootled along the leafy lanes of Warwickshire on my 1963 Triumph T90 for 30 miles or so arriving at the Banbury Cross an hour later by which time Dave was already there parked up with 2 others, next to the island where the cross is situated. Geoff was just leaving on his 1930 Norton 19. Dave and I decided to have a coffee in a very pleasant coffee shop right next to the island. We were shortly afterwards joined by several other club members who had arrived on a variety of machines. From there we each made our way up to the long Itch Diner. En route I was overtaken at speed by Geoff who was enjoying himself enormously.  About 16 of us lined up along the roadside with bikes ranging from Richards 1913 Rex right up to a modern Honda CG125 and a Harley-Davidson. Well when I say modern I mean only 25+ years old.                                                                                                                                                                  A straw poll voted the event a success. It was informal and relaxed, the weather was not a problem and the Warwickshire countryside delightful. We may do it again next year.


Plus a link to Geoff Booth's Report 2021 Coventry Parade Report





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